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Workplace Assessment

A worksite assessment is similar in nature to an initial assessment with the focus on assisting the client to make a timely and sustainable return to their pre-disability employment. The goal of a workplace assessment is to provide detailed information in regards to a client’s pre-disability employment including a description of their key duties. A workplace assessment is beneficial when a client has not returned to work as per expected timeframes. It is also useful when the insurer or treating medical practitioners require further detailed information in regards the specific pre-disability tasks in order to facilitate return to work planning. During the worksite meeting we also review and discuss the potential to modify a client’s pre-disability duties or undertake alternative duties to form part of a graduated return to work program.

What can you expect from a Workplace Assessment with KM Rehabilitation?

  • Workplace meeting that will include the client and their employer to review the key duties of the role including a discussion of the key physical and / or psychological demands
  • Discussion of the option of modifying pre-disability duties or the provision of alternative duties in order to implement a graduated return to work program
  • Information in regards to current treatment programs, medications and all treating medical providers is obtained
  • Information on the clients self-reported symptoms, level of functioning and general daily activity regime is obtained
  • Psychosocial information including the clients support networks, home circumstance, beliefs in regards to their medical condition and recovery, fear or avoidance behaviours and any secondary gain factors
  • Any barriers to return to work are identified and strategies to overcome these are provided
  • Recommended rehabilitation interventions are tailored to the individual client’s circumstance taking into consideration any employer constraints in order to support a timely and sustainable return to pre-disability employment
  • A comprehensive report is provided within 10 business days of the assessment date.