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Transferrable Skills Analysis

A transferrable skills analysis provides an assessment of a client’s knowledge and skills based on an in-depth review of their past vocational and avocational experiences. A thorough review of the client’s education, training and experience is conducted as part of a transferrable skills analysis. Transferrable skills analyses are useful when a client can no longer return to their usual occupation, and the suitability of alternative occupations needs to be assessed. This could be undertaken as part of the vocational counselling process when preparing a client for job-seeking or as a tool when an insurer is assessing a TPD claim.

What can you expect from a Transferrable Skills Analysis with KM Rehabilitation?

  • A thorough review of the client’s employment history including details of all key responsibilities and any significant achievements
  • A review of computing abilities (a typing speed test can be undertaken if necessary)
  • Full details of all formal and informal education including tertiary courses, short courses, in-house training programs and any professional development activities
  • Details of any volunteer work undertaken including key responsibilities and any significant achievements
  • A review of all community involvement and associated activities (eg coaching children’s sporting teams, fundraising for children’s school etc)
  • A review of any hobbies, interests or regular recreational activities
  • A comprehensive report is provided within 10 business days of the assessment date