Our People

Committed to providing best quality rehabilitation services to our clients, committed to our own professional development

At KM Rehabilitation we are dedicated to best practice and excellence in service delivery. Passionate about providing our clients with the highest level of recovery and rehabilitation support we are committed to our own ongoing professional development. Staff and contractors at KM Rehabilitation undertake regular training and are continually attending industry seminars and conferences to keep abreast of new research and best practice evidence based service provision. All consultants and contractors working with KM Rehabilitation hold appropriate tertiary qualifications and are registered with their relevant professional body.

Kerryn Maxfield

Kerryn Maxfield is the principal rehabilitation counsellor at KM Rehabilitation and has spent the last 4 years specialising in the provision of occupational rehabilitation services to customers in the life insurance sector. With over 11 years’ experience providing occupational rehabilitation services across a range of insurance schemes, Kerryn’s aim is to empower clients to develop vocational goals that are fulfilling and sustainable in order to support clients to return to a career of choice and show people that disability does not mean inability to work. Kerryn has a strong passion for working with clients returning to work post-cancer treatment in addition to assisting clients with mental health conditions return to wellness. Kerryn strongly believes in the health benefits of work and that people who are out of the workforce, particularly due to illness, injury or medical trauma often need support and encouragement tailored to their individual needs in order to develop goals, strategies and action plans to facilitate a return to work. With a background in claims management prior to commencing in occupational rehabilitation, Kerryn has the knowledge and understanding of the specific needs and requirements of all parties in the claims process and is able to work collaboratively with insurers to obtain the best claims outcomes for all parties.


Kerryn has a Bachelor of Behavioural Science (major in psychology and management) and is a member of ASORC and ALUCA.

Kerryn is a certified PGAP clinician

Alex Gava

With over 10 years’ experience working in occupational rehabilitation, Alex provides consulting services to KM Rehabilitation. A Level 1 Resilience Trainer Alex loves to help people take back control of their recovery, to see them build resilience and to be empowered to navigate their own journey of recovery and return to work. Alex is outcome driven and passionate about assisting individuals to recover, improve wellbeing, return to meaningful employment and to build resilience for sustainable results. Alex understands the importance of developing and maintaining healthy relationships with all stakeholders which is instrumental to her high rates of success, particularly with long-term, complex and psychiatric claims. Alex is highly skilled in working effectively with all key stakeholders in order to establish a win-win outcome for everyone involved. Alex is most passionate about seeing people exit their compensation scheme with full employment, having returned to the lifestyle of their choosing.


Alex has a Graduate Diploma in Rehabilitation Counselling and is a member of ASORC and ALUCA.

Alex is a certified PGAP clinician