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Initial Assessment

The goal of an initial assessment is to thoroughly review a client’s current medical, functional and vocational status in order to make relevant recommendations that will assist with recovery and return to work planning. At KM Rehabilitation we adopt a holistic approach to service delivery in order to achieve optimal recovery outcomes, therefore we also take into consideration a client’s psychosocial influences in rehabilitation and return to work planning. The information gathered in an initial needs assessment can be tailored to meet the needs of the insurer, and therefore this report is a very effective tool to assist insurers with gaining a detailed understanding of the client’s current status in order to assist with risk assessment and claims management decisions.

What can you expect from an Initial Assessment with KM Rehabilitation?

  • Review of all medical information as reasonably available
  • Face to face client interview
  • Information in regards to current treatment programs, medications and all treating medical providers is obtained
  • Information on the clients self-reported symptoms, level of functioning and general daily activity regimes is obtained
  • Psychosocial information including the clients support networks, home circumstance, beliefs in regards to their medical condition and recovery, fear or avoidance behaviours and any secondary gain factors is assessed
  • The client’s education, training and employment history is reviewed
  • Any barriers to return to work are identified and strategies to overcome these are provided
  • Recommended rehabilitation interventions are tailored to the individual client needs in order to support recovery and return to work planning
  • A comprehensive report is provided within 10 business days of the assessment date