We understand the health and wellbeing benefits of suitable work

KM Rehabilitation is an Occupational Rehabilitation provider of choice in South Australia for Life Insurers, both wholesale and retail. KM Rehabilitation offers a range of services to our life insurance customers including assessment services and ongoing occupational rehabilitation, recovery and return to work planning and management.

At KM Rehabilitation we are passionate about assisting people who have suffered illness, injury or medical trauma with their recovery journey in order to regain their life, while empowering our clients to return to meaningful, suitable and sustainable employment. At KM Rehabilitation we believe that illness, injury or medical trauma should not disable a person’s livelihood nor their ability to earn a living. KM Rehabilitation strongly believes in the health benefits of work and that people who are out of the workforce, particularly due to illness, injury or medical trauma often need support and reassurance tailored to their individual needs in order to develop strategies and action plans to facilitate a return to work. Not only does work provide an income, it also provides people with a sense of identity, social inclusion and positive well-being.

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Our mission is to be known for providing personalised recovery and rehabilitation services that empower our clients to take ownership of their recovery journey on their path to wellness. Using evidence based recovery strategies we support our clients to achieve their optimal level of functioning in the community and paid workforce.

Our vision is that injury, illness or medical trauma does not prevent anyone living life to its fullest, achieving and exceeding personal goals, and returning to meaningful and sustainable paid employment.

Our people


Kerryn Maxfield
Principal Rehabilitation Counsellor
Alex Gava
Senior Rehabilitation Counsellor