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Employability Assessment

The goal of an employability assessment is to review a client’s education, training and experience in order to identify suitable employment options that are available within the client’s local labour market and for which they would be reasonably suited. The client’s vocational, physical and /or psychological status along with the current labour market are considered when recommending suitable vocational options.

What can you expect from an Employability Assessment with KM Rehabilitation?

  • Detailed client interview including a review of the client’s education, training and experience (for face to face assessments)
  • Detailed review of all client information including resume, employment history, position descriptions and qualifications as reasonably available (for paper-based assessments)
  • Detailed review of all medical information as reasonably available, including the participation by the client in any rehabilitation programs
  • Transferrable skills analysis
  • Live labour market research including a current vacancy review and direct employer contacts
  • Detailed description of any recommended employment options including a description of main duties, minimum industry education and experience expectations, and an overview of current labour market for the role within the client’s local area
  • Each employment option identified will contain a detailed live labour market analysis including current vacancy levels and direct employer contacts
  • The report will make a clear link between the identified employment options and the clients education, training and experience with a summary of why the assessor considers the client will have a reasonable prospect of obtaining the employment
  • A comprehensive report is provided within 10 business days of the assessment date.