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Return to work management for job-detached clients

The goal of KM Rehabilitation’s job-seeking services is to empower clients to take charge of their own job-seeking and provide them with all the skills and confidence they need in order to be able to job-seek independently and secure suitable paid employment. All services are tailored to suit the individual client, their level of job-readiness and confidence in their own job-seeking abilities; this is not a one-stop shop program. This program is not designed to be a “compliance” program where clients come along and apply for any old job just to get a tick for applying for a set number of jobs within a set timeframe. Clients are supported to be proactive in their own job-seeking and identifying opportunities for employment through advertised vacancies and personal networks.

What can you expect from job-seeking services offered by KM Rehabilitation?

Job-seeking services comprise the development of an individual marketing strategy tailored to each client and offer any or all of the following services as needed:

  • Career and vocational counselling to identify suitable vocational options and empower the client to undertake goal setting activities
  • Vocational interest testing
  • Resume and application letter development including addressing selection criteria for government applications
  • Development of a LinkedIn profile for job-seeking
  • Networking and cold canvassing with strategies to target the “hidden job market”
  • Interview preparation including attending a mock interview and discussion of personal presentation
  • Dealing with “knock-backs” during the job-seeking process
  • Education on injury / illness disclosure to potential employers
  • Developing a self-management plan for any exacerbation of symptoms upon return to work and understanding normal levels of pain and / or fatigue
  • Identification of any skills gaps and recommendations to overcome these (ie short-term training) to enhance job-seeking prospects
  • Identification of short-term work placement / voluntary work in order to upskill or build capacity in preparation for formal job-seeking
  • Recommendation of tailored functional improvement programs to improve certified capacity for work
  • The ongoing identification of any barriers to return to work and speedy development of strategies to address and overcome these barriers