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Vocational Assessment

The goal of a vocational assessment is to explore a client’s vocational interests, personality attributes and transferrable skills to assist with career planning in order to identify vocational goals that are most likely to meet with the client’s career aspirations, ability and aptitude. The main use of a vocational assessment is as part of the career planning process when a client can no longer return to their pre-disability employment. The assessment will explore vocational options that are of interest to the client, that they have a reasonable prospect of obtaining, and that are readily available in the client’s local labour market. This process assists clients to realise that their skills and experiences can be transferred into alternative employment areas that they have not previously worked. The ultimate goal of a vocational assessment is to facilitate a client’s re-engagement in the workforce and develop appropriate recommendations to support an active return to work program.

What can you expect from a Vocational Assessment with KM Rehabilitation?

  • Review of all medical information as reasonably available
  • Client interview including a thorough review of the client’s education, training and experience
  • Review of avocational activities
  • Transferrable skills analysis
  • Standardised vocational interest testing (most commonly the Self-Directed Search – SDS)
  • Live labour market research
  • Detailed description of any recommended vocational goals including a description of the main duties, minimum industry education and experience expectations, and an overview of current labour market for the role within the client’s local area.
  • A comprehensive report is provided within 10 business days of the assessment date.