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Medical Case Conference

A medical case conference can be undertaken with any of a client’s treating medical practitioners in order to obtain updated information such as diagnosis and prognosis, treatment programs and their expected outcomes and timeframes, and to discuss return to work planning. A medical case conference is beneficial when making phone contact with a treating medical attendant is difficult or when a more detailed discussion of medical status is needed in order to support recovery and return to work planning. Often treating medical practitioners do not fully understand the key requirements of a client’s employment. It can therefore be very beneficial to be able to provide detailed information in a face to face meeting in order for medical practitioners to be able to more appropriately provide capacity for work with a specific job goal or range of duties in mind. Having all key stakeholders present in the one room allows us to discuss a client’s medical status in order to facilitate recovery and return to work planning by addressing any barriers and developing tailored plan to assist the client with their recovery and return to work.

What can you expect from a Medical Case Conference with KM Rehabilitation?

  • A medical case conference is arranged at an agreed medical practitioner’s rooms with the option of having all key stakeholders present
  • A comprehensive report is provided within 5 business days of the meeting date. The report will include:
  • A summary of what was discussed at the meeting – including clarification of current diagnosis, prognosis and capacity for work
  • Details of any identified barriers to recovery and return to work including strategies to overcome these
  • Recommendations that are tailored to the individual in order to facilitate a timely and sustainable return to work